Mom's Day Off

Phew! I just returned from a day spent shopping my little heart out. I'm pooped! But I would venture to say that being exhausted from a day of good shopping is the best kind of exhausted, wouldn't you? =) It was fabulous, yet kinda weird having all that time to myself, by myself! I kept texting my husband: "Everything ok?" even though I knew the answer was always going to be "Yep."

Well I need to tell you thank you...honestly, thank you so much, for your amazingly kind and positive reaction to the blog! It's blown me away. This idea has been stewing for quite awhile, and I was honestly a little scared to follow through with it. Now I'm truly glad I did!

I'm going to postpone what I had planned to write tonight until Monday. The amazing woman I want to tell you about deserves far more than a passing mention, and I'm practically falling asleep at the moment! I will just say that she is one of the most talented and inspiring women I've ever had the privilege to meet. She is highly gifted and has a fantastically positive and insightful view on life. She is not only a creative, she mentors other creatives from all over the world. Yeah, she's pretty much just all-around awesome. =)

See you then, g'nite!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blog Im excited to follow it! Oh yeah you Rock Darci

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