Proof Positive: Why Pinterest Ain't Just For The Girls.

So I have news.

Little news really. Perhaps silly news. But news that nonetheless makes me excited, a little bit mischievously giddy, and still has me surprised.






Now let me explain something to ya'll...

My husband is a rather rugged guy. A manly man. He was raised in Wyoming on a diet of hunting, fishing, hiking and dirt-biking. He can gut a deer. (Ew.) He works in construction and drives a big ol' truck. His free time is generally split between working out and either riding a motorcycle or making plans involving riding a motorcycle. He's allergic to shopping. He wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink.

He's kind of a hunter/gatherer type, sort of a modern-day caveman.

(That was meant as a compliment, honey.) ;)

(Me and the man.)

And, until now, he has absolutely refused to join any kind of social networking site or online community, including Facebook.

So you might think...especially if you are a male and reading this post..."What on Earth is the guy thinking? Isn't Pinterest the online mecca of anything and everything girly?"

I can see where that idea comes from. Pinterest has quickly been stereotyped as a "chick thing." Women love Pinterest, and we dominate it, there's no denying it. From it's inception, the concept of "pinning" was snatched up eagerly by women everywhere. And of course, women pin what women like: Clothing, jewelry, shoes, crafts, recipes, home decor, and so on. Indeed, Pinterest attracts ladies in vast quantities.

But take a look at your wife's Pinterest account. Sure, the page you see is chock-full of pictures of casseroles, clothing and curtains. But take note that behind all that is a plain ol' gray/beige background. A blank canvas. There's no graphics, no cutesy embellishments, nothing blatantly feminine at all. That's because, despite the stereotype, it's not specified for women! 

All Pinterest is, is a tool for digital organization. It gives you the ability to list and link to your interests and favorite things online, and your lists are displayed *VISUALLY*.

That's it.

You know that tab at the top of your screen?


That annoying list you keep adding to, but never, ever, EVER look at again?

After Pinterest you'll never use Bookmarks again. With Pinterest, you end up with a visual collection of your favorite things from around the web...a group of photographs and images that you choose and "pin" yourself. Each image you pin links back to the exact webpage from whence the image originated. As you pin, you place your pins into your own chosen categories, or "boards." You end up with a visual catalogue of the things you love, and the links to find them again. It's a gallery, a collection designed entirely by you. It's as good as your own personalized digital magazine.

It's awesome!

Pinning is not "just for chicks." Pinning is for anyone, interested in anything.

It's for sports fanatics, political buffs, or fly fishermen.

For techies, entrepreneurs and Nascar fans.

For travelers, foodies and motorcycle enthusiasts (that would be my husband).

It's for absolutely any human being whatsoever. It's ridiculous to avoid it just because women appreciated it's awesomeness first!

So, I have a dare for you gentlemen out there:

Try Pinterest for a few hours. Search around for the things you like, check out the pinboards of other people with similar interests, create a few boards of your own, and then tell me...

I dare you to tell me.....

That you don't like it the teeniest little bit!


I'm sure you're probably thinking I convinced my husband to join Pinterest. Perhaps I persuaded, manipulated or wheedled him into it. Perhaps for the sake of this very post!

Well I'm happy to tell you...


I most certainly did not convince my husband to join Pinterest.

My brother did.

And they both love it!


One more tip for you gentlemen: If your wife or girlfriend is on Pinterest, using it yourself could win you


Do you always feel clueless about what to get her for her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's Day, or, shall we say, Mother's Day? (It's this Sunday pal!) Sneak around her Pinterest boards. I can pretty much *guarantee* you'll find major gift inspiration hidden therein! If she's like me or many of the girls I know, she likely already has a Pinterest board titled something like "My Wishlist." Buy her those shoes she pinned, or that necklace, or heck, cook her one of the meals from the 2,000 recipes she has pinned! I promise she'll be impressed!

But, enough of my cajoling. Guys...give Pinterest a shot. Seriously. It's fun, even if you own a Y chromosome.


P.S. Ladies: if you don't have a pinboard titled "My Wishlist," go make one NOW!

P.P.S. Husband: Hint Hint Hint Hint Hint Hint Hint....


Amber K said...

aaahhhhaaahhhaaa, I'm proud to say that it was my hubby that convinced your hubby to join, and it was me that convinced my hubby to join (it wasn't really that hard, pinterest just makes sense) "Behind everyman there's a woman with a good idea :P

Steph Thomas said...

I have to say I have not jumped on the pinterest bandwagon yet. Still trying to stay away from it and it has worked so far, so nope I can't say that I love or even like it, just avoiding it so it doesn't take up more of my time.

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