I Know It's Not July 4th or Anything...

...But there's no wrong time to feel grateful, right?

Because I'm feeling pretty grateful today.

I'm not a political person. I'll confess I'm sadly undereducated when it comes to the current events within the realm of politics and government. I do *strongly* believe that education and action is vastly important when it comes to how we are governed, whatever my own shortcomings in that area may be. And I'm determined to improve.

But what I'm grateful for is the absolute steadfast knowledge that the country we live in is a beautiful, strong and graced one.

I think we forget sometimes. In the midst of political turmoil, between disappointment in our leaders and accusations hurled back and forth between and about politicians and governmental figures, we forget that our nation is inherently great. Not because of one man, but because of the millions and millions of people who reside here.....

FREE people.

Freedom is a divine attribute, in the most literal sense. I believe in God, and I believe we are blessed to live in a country that gives us a power to direct our lives that is reflective of the gift He has already given us...the power of choice.

We have the power to act, to live, to aspire to absolutely anything, as we choose.

It hit me hard as I thought about it this morning.

I may just be another stay-at-home mother, but I truly can do or be or create anything I am willing to work for. I can be a catalyst for great things if I choose. Even if my actions are small all on their own...even if they're confined to my own home and family, to my friends and neighbors and community...they matter. I can be kind, I can work hard, and I can improve the lives of others. If things are wrong, I can work to change them. If the welfare of others is threatened, I can work to help and protect them.

And that kind of power, residing in every single one of us, is vastly more important than who wins an election.

I've known many of these things all my life, but today they became more profound as I thought about them. I realized that the only one preventing the achievement of all I hope and wish for, is me. That happiness and success are mine for the taking.

That I can accomplish anything I want.

And so can you. And most importantly...

So can our children.

And I'm so, so grateful.

Go chase a dream. I'll do the same.  =)

P.S. This song on the radio is what inspired all this cheese...I was so happy to find that the music video did the song justice.

P.P.S. God Bless Our Soldiers. This nation wouldn't be what it is without you.

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Afton said...

Thanks so much for this post Darci. This has been on my mind a lot lately as well. I am so thankful for the past few years we have had to meet such wonderful people and realize the many sacrifices which are made. Ryan has had experiences the past few months that remind me how fortunate we are as Americans . But you said it beautifully, we are all so blessed and we all have the power to make change and to make our lives whatever we want.

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