Easy Lollipop Planter

You know what's awesome?

How truly easy-peasy this cute little ditty was to make!

While shopping for Kara's party I happened across some cute pink mini swirl pops at Michael's. I decided to use them as favors, and they looked so pretty displayed in this adorable planter that I assembled all by myself!

The little shabby chic planter was about $8 at one of my favorite little local shops, the Forget-Me-Not Boutique in Lehi. They sell vintage/antique items and refinished furniture and I have to pop in to wander around for a few minutes every chance I get! If you don't yet know of a shop like this in your area, find one...they are so fun!

The little faux roses were on clearance at Michael's for about $.80 a bunch (Michael's, how I love thee!). Each bunch had several stems of flowers on it, and I used a wire cutter to clip them off for use individually.

Then I just bought a few blocks of green floral foam at Walmart! One block fit inside the planter completely but still left about 2 inches of space, so I cut a piece of foam from another block to make it fit nice and snug.

Then you just stick the flower stems in the foam! Rearrange them as necessary to get the look you want, make sure you've completely hidden the foam....

Then stick in your lollipops and arrange them how you want...

and Ta-da! Cuteness!

The swirl pops looked adorable all on their own, but I loved the tags I had designed for the party so much, I just had to add them to the front! I loved how it turned out!

I'm sure you can find these lollipops at craft and party stores and online, but I love that Amazon carries them, and many are eligible for Amazon Prime! Go here...they have sets of swirl pops in this same size (about 2 inches wide) and in lots of different colors, so you can give your party a very custom look!

And if you're the cake-pop making kind, I think this would be an adorable way to display cake-pops! (I am totally afraid of trying to make cake-pops...or more specifically, to try and decorate cake-pops. But, I think I'll have to overcome that fear very soon...my oldest son keeps begging me to make them!)

I loved this idea and it could be used in so many fun ways...you could make it using just about anything for a container! A box, a bucket, a basket...I think a pail with a bunch of daisies and some multi-colored lollipops would be adorable!

And another great thing: after the par-tay is all over, this doesn't become obsolete! Without the lollipops this becomes a cute little home decor item!


You know what's not awesome?

After my lollipop planter was all assembled, I put it up on top of my tall entertainment center so my little boys couldn't meddle with it...

...And then COMPLETELY FORGOT to put it out for the party.


I don't know how I didn't notice it up there!

But such is the crazy mommy-brain-ness that hits me full-bore when I am in the midst of party-throwing!

And as one could probably guess, my kids sure don't mind having a few extra lollipops around! ;)

P.S. I know I already said it, but I absolutely adored these pretty shabby chic tags (and matching invitations!) I had designed for Kara's party...

I found an awesome designer on Etsy who created these lovely tags kuh-RAZY fast for me...I waited far too long and decided pretty last minute to get some designed, and she was so wonderfully accommodating. I used several vendors on Etsy while planning this party and it was my first time really seeing what it's all about. I fell in love with that amazing online marketplace! There is so much incredible talent and beautiful handmade work to be discovered! I'll be writing a post soon about all the different Etsy shops I purchased from and the beautiful products they make...products which are not just decorations or clothing, but heirlooms to be treasured for a lifetime! 


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