Party Preview/Oscar Review!

Sorry, ya'll...I've been missing in action for a whole week, but for good reason...there was some major party prep goin' on up in here! Sunday night was my daughter's big par-tay. And, *whew*, am I kinda glad it's over! Monday was her actual birthday, and I was more than happy just to leave her in her pajamas all day and just play and cuddle. (And clean a bit...it was pretty necessary. Yikes.)

I have had so much fun planning this party! Not everything turned out exactly how I wanted, but I've come to expect` that. I'm actually quite the scatterbrain when I get in the midst of party madness! On the day of Kara's party I overlooked some things, didn't have time for some things, and plain forgot a few others! But hey, we can't all be Martha Stewart, right?

I'm going to spend the week blogging about all the fun ideas and a few crafty things I used throughout the party. Many of them are things you might already have, or things you can make and use for regular home decor, not just for parties! And they were definitely not all made by me...I had lots of help!

I'll also be featuring a bunch of awesome companies and products I used (and some awesome deals!) and maybe even choose one for a giveaway in March! =)

I have a kadrillion photos to sift through, but here's a little preview of Kara's Shabby Chic/Vintage Rose - themed party:

There were lots of roses, of course...

Lots of sweet baby photos...

Cute banners...(none of which were made by me...)

Lots of goodies...

And probably the most fun...
a darling (DIY!) canopy for the dessert table! 

I love having a daughter. =)

More photos and info to come! Keep checking back this week!


And did you hear?

Hollywood went out and got all gussied up for my girlie's birthday too!

Ah, how nice of them. =) Lookin' dapper Kermit!

I get teased for it, but I do love awards shows, especially the Academy Awards! If I had my way, I'd sit and watch all the pre-show shows, red-carpet interviews and every single minute of the Awards.

Emma Stone really impressed me! I don't like
the bow at the neck, but otherwise she looked really lovely.

And her presenting bit with Ben Stiller was hilarious, she has some serious comedic talent!
(I can't find the video on YouTube, they must be crackin' down with 
copyright claims or something...)

Am I the only one who finds Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie annoying?

In recent years, it's become practically a tradition that I always want to watch the Oscars, but never get to, until after the fact.

Which is just not as fun!

For a football fan, watching the Superbowl on DVR is not nearly as awesome, right? 


This year in the midst of party madness I totally forgot to even DVR the Oscars...grrr. So I've been watching bits and pieces online.

I was happy to see these two win!

I admit I haven't seen the films they were nominated for, but they're both just undeniably classy and talented actors. And how on Earth did Christopher Plummer get to 82 before he got an Oscar?!?! Loved both of their acceptance speeches...funny, classy, sincere.

I have to confess, I was a little bit gleeful when my daughter was born on the day of the 2011 Academy Awards. I LOVE movies, and I hope that someday Kara will too...I have visions of us staying up late to watch our favorite girly movies together. For the twentieth time.

(Such as BBC's Pride and Prejudice? BEST. MOVIE. EVER.)

(And possibly the best scene ever?)

Another random tangent: I love that Mr. Darcy...er, I mean Colin Firth...won his first Academy Award the day my daughter was born last year. She's just good luck all around. Glad to help you out, Colin! =)

(Can I just call you Fitzwilliam?)

So, you might ask...

...When I was in the hospital with a new baby on the day of the Oscars last year, did I finally get to watch?


Didn't even bother to turn on the TV.

Because I had the most beautiful little starlet of my very own to admire. =)

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